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Are you being served? 

There’s nothing more frustrating than bad customer service, and we’ve all experienced it - according to a Harvard Business Review, 82% of customers move from one business to another because of it.

The automotive industry deals with products that can cost us a lot of money, but most of our queries these days are dealt with over the phone, or by email. We don’t often have face-to-face conversations, but that doesn’t mean that the service we receive should be any less personal. That’s why we’re really conscious that all our staff, on the telephone and online, have the right customer service skills to help you.

It’s not rocket science!

At a recent conference at the London Motor Transport museum, one of the major points made by top automotive and marketing execs was that:

“Currently, the industry is lagging behind – brands need to move from simply reacting to customer needs, to anticipating and even dictating change.”

As a customer, you want to feel valued; that your situation is as important as anyone else’s and that you’re being taken seriously. It’s really not too much to ask. Is it? 

We don’t think so. A fleet of cars is a big financial investment. If you run one, you’ll want cars back on the road as quickly as possible if they’ve broken down. If you need to arrange maintenance or servicing, you’ll want to make one quick call and then let someone else do the rest. Or if you have paperwork that needs sorting you’ll want to know that the person you’re dealing with knows what they’re talking about. 

So for us one of the most important aspects of our 24/7 call centre is that it’s manned by 120 operatives who work solely within the automotive industry; they’re trained to deal with your problems specifically. And, with over 600,000 vehicles to look after, they’ve pretty much come across every situation - so there isn’t anything we won’t be able to help you with. From arranging scheduled services to travel arrangements, we can help answer your queries and reduce the hassle for you. 

The personal touch

One of the major problems with customer service is that you want the service to be personal; we don’t want to speak to a different person every time we call. If we manage a fleet for you, you’ll have a team and an account handler who work specifically with you. They’ll get to know you and your company, understand your needs and the types of problems you’re faced with in your business. That way they’ll be able to sort things for you far more quickly. Our operatives listen to what you want and need and provide solutions that will suit you – not them. We’ll search out the right supplier for you, in the right area, we’ll take care of all your vehicle needs – including hire cars, should you need them. 

It’s good to talk – it’s even better to listen

Times change, so customer service should too. The automotive trade is directly affected by economic change, so Fleet Management needs to be flexible to this too. We make regular customer surveys to make sure we’re getting it right. We’ll listen to what you have to say, and try to put right the things we’re getting wrong. We want you to come back to us because you like what we do, you like the service we provide and you know that you’ll always get the care you deserve.

See for yourself. To talk to one of our team, please call us on 01452 881001.


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