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Blog > Charges to enter AND leave Wales set to take its toll

Charges to enter AND leave Wales set to take its toll

The future of the tolls on the Severn Bridge is uncertain after the Welsh Assembly calls for them to be abolished altogether, whilst the Government has stated that it wants to halve the fee; and the Welsh secretary argued that motorists should pay £1.80 every time they use the bridges in either direction.

For Wales this is a big decision that could significantly affect their economy. Some believe that it’s an unfair tax on entering the country that prevents businesses from operating in the area as well as having a devastating impact on hauliers who work on small margins and find that the toll charge can make them less competitive.

For fleet managers, this decision could impact on their work load and increase the amount of admin that they will have to process. Fleet managers already find themselves under pressure to find alternative routes so that tolls are avoided to save money which not only takes more time but can cause congestion on other roads, leading to longer journey times that can also wear B-roads more quickly than necessary.

If the toll was to increase or even remain it is likely to force fleets to use satellite navigation technology more than they already do now and may encourage fleet managers to fit trackers to ensure that journeys are being carried out on the most appropriate roads. All of this will increase the admin burden on already busy fleet managers. Like the 2014 changes to the Dartford crossing, fleets are bracing themselves for an increase fine volume and the administration burden that this brings. 

Dave Scobie, Managing Director said “97% of Dartford Crossing drivers pay the toll, however the 3% where PCN’s were issued has contributed to a 25% year on year increase in fines managed by AFS”. “This is a major concern and is further proof that there is a real need in the industry to connect, transform and take fine management into the digital age”.

So, watch this space.

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