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Blog > DVLA extends access to licence information to 21 days

DVLA extends access to licence information to 21 days

The DVLA's decision to do away with the paper counterpart for driving licences is set to usher in a new era for UK licensing. The switch to an online system is a welcome one for most motorists, and certainly for those who use company cars.

Whether it's for business or pleasure, there's no doubt that very few of us will miss those last minute searches for mislaid paperwork! It may be overdue, but it's finally been made clear that the future of licensing is to be digital.

In any situation where a third party might need to access our records, it's now possible for drivers to grant access online for a limited period of time. We believe the primary benefits of this change will be seen by professionals, and those who use rented vehicles.

With the permission of the licence holder, a third party is able to view information on the vehicles used by a driver, the final 8 characters of the licence number, and – most importantly – details of any points or disqualifications held by the licensee.

Users aren't able to view any expired points. Nor is the service available for licences issued in Northern Ireland.

To grant access to licensing information, the driver needs to generate a 'check code'. Previously, these check codes were valid for a period of just 72 hours. Needless to say, this short window caused problems for many motorists, for a number of reasons. One common complaint we heard was that lack of internet access would lead to the necessity of premium rate phone calls to the DVLA offices.

Fortunately, the DVLA have now announced that check codes are to be made valid for 21 days.

This change is sure to make life easier for those who use company cars in a business capacity. Bureaucratic processes can often take time, and this extension takes this into account, as All Fleet's Dan Mallier points out:

"The switch to an online system has been great for our customers, but there were some issues with the short window of accessibility. We're confident that businesses will benefit a great deal from the extension, which we all knew needed to happen.”

Licence holders can generate a code easily, by visiting the DVLA website. Here is a link to the DVLA's instructions on how to view your information and generate a code. Drivers can also make a print out of the details.


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17th November 2016

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