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Spanners at the ready… it’s time to service your fleet

AA figures show that nearly half of all breakdowns would be preventable if cars were serviced and properly maintained. So, looking after your fleet of cars can create a whole host of benefits for your business. If you rely on vehicles to keep your company running smoothly and efficiently, then you’ll want vehicle downtime to be kept to the absolute minimum – as every minute you’re off the road you’ll be losing money.

“It’s a Gamble too far…” Tony Rich, AA Patrol of the Year 2013

According to the AA and their survey of 2013, more and more of us are neglecting our cars, missing services or putting them off to a later date. But why should you look after your fleet?

  • Well-maintained and regularly serviced fleets are much less likely to break down. It’s quite simple really. And this means less downtime for you and less money spent on major repairs as problems are spotted earlier and dealt with before they become serious issues. This means that cars don’t end up in the repair shop for weeks on end. Replacing a timing belt on a Ford Mondeo, for example, costs around £280, and if you leave it too late then a full engine replacement will cost you £2260. 
  • It’s also a well known fact that vehicles that are serviced more regularly have better fuel efficiency, and with fuel prices constantly changing, and never dipping below £1 a litre, the more you can save in this area the better – it’s one of the biggest costs of running any fleet.
  • It’s not just immediate benefits that regular servicing and maintenance can bring. If you look after your fleet well it will last so much longer, you’ll have to replace vehicles less often, saving you money, especially if you own your fleet outright. 

Other benefits

Regular servicing isn’t just about saving money, it’s about duty of care. If you have a fleet, then you also have employees who keep that fleet moving, and they rely on you to keep them safe. If you don’t keep up with regular servicing and maintenance then you could be making their working environment dangerous, with vehicles that shouldn’t be on the road. This could also endanger the lives of other road users. But with a good schedule you can stay on top of any problems that might arise, keep tyres and engines safe and give your staff peace of mind 

A well-maintained fleet also reflects on your company, so if you have nice white vans or smart fleet cars, the image you project to clients will be much better than a smoking rust bucket. Plus your drivers will enjoy the experience more and hopefully take pride in the way they work and present themselves – adding to your reputation and company persona in this competitive world.

How we fit in 

At All Fleet Services we have systems in place to help you keep up to date with these checks. Our Downtime and Maintenance Management team deal with planned and unplanned events using an online scheduling system. 

We’ll send out reminders when vehicles are due for servicing and we’ll sort out hire vehicles should you need them to cover cars or vans that are in for maintenance. We’ll also try and schedule work in at a time that suits you and your company, working around your busiest times to create a plan that’s right for you. Plus we’ve got a 24/7 Driver Assist, so we can deal with anything unplanned. Call us and we’ll sort roadside breakdowns quickly and efficiently. 

Because we also have a network of over 3000 suppliers nationwide who we can call on - some independent, some franchised, we can also find you the best rates for servicing in your area. Depending on the size of your fleet we can negotiate great rates, reduce hassle for you by dealing with suppliers ourselves and you’ll know that you’re getting a service from a supplier that’s been approved by us – so no bodge jobs that will cost you more money and more downtime.

We hate to throw in a cliché but it really is a case of a ‘stitch in time saves nine’ - a fleet of vehicles that’s looked after, cared for and serviced regularly will save you money. You can achieve all of this with a quality Fleet Management Service, giving you the time to grow your business with one less hassle to worry about. 

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you get the best from your fleet. Call our team on 01452 881001. 

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